Eliminate Merchant Fees with Rotessa

Video Jun 23, 2020


Does anyone like paying the 2 to 3 percent merchant fees on transactions? We're willing to be there's no one itching to give that money away. If your clinic has recurring payments (think payment plans and other like agreements), we have good news for you. You can eliminate merchant fees on recurring transactions with Rotessa.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your practice, we've put together a quick video that explains how Rotessa eliminates that pesky 2 to 3 percent processing fee, how you can set it up for your clinic yourself and a few drawbacks to the system. This is a great Canadian-made tool that we think can really benefit clinics. Not to mention, it can help to mitigate your risk of embezzlement because there is no manual work.

Mohamed Ismail


Business Advisor & Cloud Accounting Expert helping dental and medical professionals to grow their practices.